Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quest for Omniscience

Hello friends!

Welcome to nature’s ninja. If you are reading this now, your opinions regarding moral human existence are probably pretty similar to my own. My general goal from a very young age has always been to obtain information about proper human existence, becoming wiser for having done so. In our current society, you would be surprised at how difficult that can be. Even with the wonderous internet at our fingertips, there is still a significant unknown factor because of how detached our species has become. Do you realize—seriously, stop and really think about it—that humans used to only poop outside? Think about how far we’ve moved from that. Unfortunately, our new survival practices aren’t quite harmonious with our origins, aka what goes on outside your window that isn’t made of concrete glass or metal.

With these constant ponderings-- combined with my insatiable desire to learn, powerfully deep love of nature, and my unshakable habit of talking about myself—I have created this blog. For me. For you. For our precious natural habitat. (cue dramatic indie rock chorus of your preference).

The subject matter will vary, for I am most fickle about what information elicits enough passion to want to share it with my peeps. (Meaning you, my beautiful reader. Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I really do. Thank you so much for reading.) Subject matter may include, but is not limited to: dietary information, household suggestions, corporate naughtiness needing to be brought to life; biological, ecological, and chemical research updates and fun facts, and whatever else inspires me to write a post. I decided to screen for adult content so I can swear whenever the fuck I feel like it. I have a potty mouth. Deal with it.

I also am a guest blogger on Vegandactyl, a vegan experiment created by the lovely Cassie Wanda. I hope to have many guest appearances both in the experimenting and the blogging aspect of this creation, so make sure you check in with her site as well!

I will end my first post with a request. I borrowed this from one of my favorite yoga instructors. I ask you to do the following, and your day will continue on an elevated level:
Go outside. Find your favorite tree, or the one closest to your backdoor. Stand or sit under said tree, facing the trunk. Now slowly breathe ALL the way out through your mouth, completely emptying the stale air from your lungs. Take the longest, slowest, deepest breath you’ve ever taken through your nose, until you can’t possibly expand your lungs any larger. Exhale just as slowly through your mouth. Repeat until feeling of elation and tranquility consumes you. Take time to appreciate the moment. You’re welcome.

Until next time, my lovelies.